Dealing with challenges of organizational change and growth, or the people management issues

that are facing you or your managers is not always your top priority as a busy executive or business owner.


If you need the people in your organization to do something different and “be on the same page”…

… or you know something needs to change, and you aren’t exactly sure what it is

… or what first steps to take to get started,

then let me help you get the situation resolved, so you can spend your time on the things you do best.


My name is Jay Marks. For over 25 years, I’ve helped companies ‘fix’ their communication, teamwork, work process/structure, and leadership problems.

I have experience with improving cooperation in small teams, to managing the “growing pains” of successful mid-size companies, to developing change management strategies for a leading global investment management firm which doubled in size to over 9,500 employees in a seven-year period….and everything in between.


Managing A Successful Organization Is Not Rocket Science

Organization and human resource management is not as complex as it may seem. It takes…

1. Clarity of purpose, expectations and results 

2. Agreement and alignment around “what’s important”

3. A framework for implementation and accountability- and consistent application

4. Commitment to effective and positive communication

I work with your team to make this happen.


Dealing with “growing pains”

Growing companies are successful because they bring the technical expertise and business savvy to create and sell strong products and services.
Typically, organizational planning and people management are not their focus… or strength.

As successful companies grow, they reach a tipping point where the ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude, informal or relaxed structure, and singular technical focus starts to impede company growth.

At some point the company becomes too large or complex for whoever’s in charge to keep doing everything. If the skills that created success aren’t supported with more developed organizational and people management skills…

 …people feel that “I have to do it myself if I want to get it done correctly”

…when plans are made, people don’t follow through, so things just don’t get done

…there aren’t enough good managers

and growth grinds to a halt.


And it’s not just growing companies that face management challenges 

Mature companies will expand, reorganize, buy another firm, or experience some other major impact. And these events often have the knock-on effect of changing the company’s culture.

Leaders come to realize their employees are fuzzy on priorities, direction, or what the company stands for.

Without everyone ‘on the same page’, the company’s focus and values get lost in translation… diminishing employee commitment, results and profitability.

Smart leaders understand what their firm does well, and what it needs to improve. But they don’t stop there — they do something about it.


How does working with a consultant add value to your organization?

Every organization has different issues and their own story.

I ask questions. I gather information. Then I present you with the facts that help us develop a solution that will have a sustained and measurable impact on your results.

Here is an example of how I work with your team to put a solution into action.

• Work closely with senior leaders and their teams (individually and in groups) to create a unified agenda and direction… improve communication and decision-making processes… and manage the demands they face.

• Manage change by identifying clear roles in the process and keeping people ‘in the loop’ as the changes are implemented.

• Create agreement and commitment to each employee’s role, new ways of working together, and accountability to team processes.

• Re-design structure and processes to build on what’s working… and delete or develop new approaches for what isn’t working.

• Identify key roles and skills related to the core strengths of your business, and develop a pipeline of managers and employees who are prepared to meet the current and future needs of your organization as you grow.

• Align strategy, values, and communication so resistance to change is reduced … and the benefits of the change happen more quickly and with greater impact.


Let’s talk to find out how we can improve your company’s results by working together.